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2024 - Russian School of Transdisciplinarity

2023 - Synergy between transdisciplinarity and a culture of peace

2023 - Shifting paradigms: Bringing transdisciplinarity into the light

2023 - Conceptualizing a transdisciplinary nexus for addressing complex problems (with Paul Gibbs)

2023 - Transdisciplinarity and public policy 

2020 - Conceptualizing transdisciplinary human ecology
2020 - Being in the Hidden Third: Insights into transdisciplinary ontology (with Paul Gibbs)
2020 - Transdisciplinary logics of complexity
2020 - Transdisciplinarity and Transpraxis
2020 - Conceptualizing trans well-being with transdisciplinarity  (Online Link)
2019 - Transdisciplinary curriculum: Educational philosophy and rationale (Online LInk)
2018 - Philosophical underpinnings of the transdisciplinary research methodology
2017 - Challenges to transdisciplinary collaboration: A conceptual literature review (Online Link)
2016 - Transdisciplinary professionalism
2015 - Transdisciplinary knowledge creation (sample chapter from publisher's website) 
2015 - Transdisciplinary entrepreneurship and transdisciplinary ethics
2015 - The Nicolescuian and Zurich approaches to transdisciplinarity  (Online Link)
2015 - Integral dispositions and transdisciplinary knowledge creation (Online Link)
2014 - Transleadership (with Gabrielle Donnelly),World Futures
2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Conceptual Change,World Futures
2014 - Transconsumerism and transconsumerist (Finland)
2014 - Transconsumerism and transconsumerist (Finland - SLIDE DECK
2013 - Transdisciplinary Consumption,Integral Review

2013 - A Transdisciplinary Meme at Integral Leadership Review (Online Link)
2013 - Transdisciplinary Consumerism SCORAI conference

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2013 - Transdisciplinary Consumption (Online Link)
2013 - Transdisciplinarity and Biomimicry 
2012 - Transdisciplinarity Overview (Docent in Home Economics, University of Helsinki) 
2012 - Transdisciplinary Orientation to Responsible Living Curricula
2011 - Transdisciplinary Axiology (Integral Leadership Review)
2011 - Knowledge Generation in Home Economics Using Transdisciplinary Methodology (Online Link)
2011 - Demystifying transdisciplinary ontology. Integral Leadership Review (Online Link)
2011 Journal article: Place and Transdisciplinarity 
2010 - Co-editing (with Dr. Russ Volckmann, Editor) a series on Making the transdisciplinary university a reality

2010 - PLENARY with Dr. Gregor Torkar (Slovenia), Transdisciplinarity and nature conservation

March 2010. PLENARY with Dr. Gregor Torkar (Slovenia), Transdisciplinarity and nature conservation. The 5th Institute for the Development of Education (IRDO) International Conference, Maribor, Slovenia.

2010 - Historical Notions of Transdisciplinarity in Home Economics  (Online Link)
2010 - Integral Leadership (Graduate Leadership Course Material) 
Overview of transdisciplinarity as methodology 
The Nicolescuian and Zurich approaches to transdisciplinarity (Online Link)
Integral dispositions and transdisciplinary knowledge creation  (Online Link)
Transdisciplinary Consumer Citizenship Education CCN PowerPoint 
Consumer scholarship and transdisciplinarity (International Journal of Consumer Studies, 31(5), 487-495)
2004 - Nature of transdisciplinary research and practice (Online Link)
Transdisciplinarity and a culture of peace. Culture of Peace Online Journal, 1(1), 1-12 
Future proofing: Transdisciplinary ambassadors for the human condition 
([Response to 2008 IFHE Position Statement]. International Journal of Home Economics, 1(1), 31-37)
Positioning Poverty Within Transdisciplinarity 
Faculty Dialogue Series Transdisciplinary