Home Economics Leadership and Philosophy

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2023 - Nonviolent approach to justifying home economics

2023 - Family financial literacy and national development: A family social institution perspective

2023 - Further thoughts on FCS and Montessori collaboration (with Gail Longo)

2023 - Ethical considerations in research about organizations: Compendium of strategies

2023- The philosophy of integration: Historical heritage, compromised ideal
2023 - Professional Accountability
2022 - Justifying home economics: Fight the right war

2022 - Principle-based practice
2022 - Where visions meet: Ellen Swallow Richards and Maria Montessori (with Gail Longo) 
2022 - Women’s role in nation building: Socialising Saudi female preservice teachers to leadership roles
2022 - Undergraduate Students’ Research Identity and Research Culture: Professional Commentary
2022 - How educational philosophies shape family and consumer sciences and home economics education: A commentary
2022 - Curriculum as a home economics construct
2022 - Decolonizing home economists’ minds: A commentary

2022 - Sustaining homes and families for the good of humanity: A commentary
2022 - How educational philosophies shape family and consumer sciences and home economics education: A commentary
2021 - Existential family well-being 

2021 - A caring professional continuum: Home economics working through families
2021 - Meme Uptake Strategy for Re-invigorating Home Economics: HEcMeme
2021 - Rhetorical literacy: Strengthening our voice for families
2020 - Enticing young professionals to sustain the profession: The role of professional associations
2020 - Wellness and well-being: Decade review of AAFCS’ journals  (2009-2019) (2020 penultimate version)  
2020 - Home ecology to home economics and beyond: Ellen Swallow Richards’ disciplinary contributions
2020 - Engaging home economics through philosophical ideas
2019 - The power of a home economics professional identity and professionalism   
2019 - Home Economics Contributions to National Development 
2019 - Valuing the holistic approach
2019 - Paradigms and normativity 
2019 - Conceptual change during the professional socialization process
2018 - Home economics baby boomer professors in retirement: An inaugural study
2016 - Exploring modality in home economics discourse
2016 - Conceptualizing home and household
2016 - Transformative Table Talk 
2015 - Complexity thinking, integral thinking, and the human condition 
2015 - Existentialism and home economics  In Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM
Existentialism and home economics 
2014 - Resistance to Philosophy  (IFHE 2014) 
2014 - Resistance to Philosophy (IFHE 2014) - SLIDE DECK 
2014 - A look inside the new book Creating Home Economics Futures 
2014 - Abductive Reasoning at Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM 
2014 - Marjorie Brown's Philosophical Legacy at Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM 
2012 - Everyday life: A home economics concept 
2012 - with Vija Dislere (Latvia), Home economics philosophy in Latvia 
2012 - The role of philosophy in home economics 
Intellectual Showcasing: Articulating the Thinking Behind our Practice 

Critical discourse analysis: A primer  Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM, 15(1) 

Spiritual well-being 
Human, family and social development (ECO) article 
Home Economists Perceptions of International Development 

Home Economic Paradigms 

Understanding Home Economics Lingo 

Home economics Leadership  (Stephen Covey's model)

2012 - Home Economics Holomovement, Docent Lecture, University of Helsinki 

2011 - Home economics as an integrated, holistic system: Revisiting Bubolz and Sontag's 1988 human ecology approach. 
2011 - The Wilberian Integral Approach  (KON Working Paper) 
2011 - Home economics in higher education: Pre-professional socialization

2010 - Integral leadership and practice: Beyond holistic integration   
2010 - Name changes and future-proofing the profession   
2010 - Defogging the professional, philosophical mirror  (International Journal of Home Economics)

2009 - International Conceptualizations of a 21st Century Vision for the Profession 
International Conceptualizations of a 21st Century Vision for the Profession (2009) 
2009 - Becoming family literate: A new construct and platform for practice (2009) 
2009 - Historical presence of home economics in IJCS 
2009 - Preserving Integrity during university program changes 
International Journal of Home Economics, 2(1) 15-29
2009 - Meta-review of Home Ec. book reviews in the IJCS 
International Journal of Consumer Studies, 33(4), 515-520

2009 - A millennial recruitment and retention blueprint for home economics professional associations
Posted with permission of the International Journal of Home Economics, IFHE
2009 - Integral Metatheory for Home Economics (FCS) Practice 
Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 38(2), 142-157

2008 - Choosing our future: Ideologies matter in the home economics profession
2007 - Professional Competency Domains for Home Economics 
2004 Self-identifying as a home economist: Typology of home economics styles 2004 Self-identifying as a home economist 

2004 - A Satire: Confessions of recovering home economists

This paper was co-written by me and 10 authors from around the world. It is radical and we welcome the dialogue that will stem from this!

2004 - Philosophical Well-being 

Next practice innovations in family and consumer sciences 
Re-envisioning basic human needs in the AAFCS Body of Knowledge 
Postmodernism and home economics 
The promise of integral-informed FCS practice 
Quality of Living, Standard of Living and Well-being