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Peace in a Consumer Society

The wisdom imperative: Peace through education for a sustainable world (2022) (10808 kb)

Non-violent Consumerism (2016)

Augmenting human rights with human responsibilities at Global Education Magazine

Protecting children from the violence of consumerism (invited panel discussion) (87 kb)

Powerpoint Slides: Click to View (2100 kb)

Human responsibility movement initiatives: A comparative analysis (2013) (1636 kb)

Master or Steward Degree Designations: Implications for Cultures of Peace (92 kb)

Culture of Peace Online Journal, 2007, (3)1, 5-20
(Posted Oct 2007)

Consumerism as a source of structural violence

Kappa Omicron Nu Human Sciences Working Paper Archives Online

Postmodernism, consumerism and a culture of peace

Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM, 13(2) Online

Neoliberalism, microbes and a peace: A human ecological perspective

Kappa Omicron Nu FORUM, 14(1) Online

Workshop on culture of peace in consumer society (157 kb)

"The Human Responsibility Movement" (417 kb)

Paper presented at the International Cultural Research Network Conference 2010

Peace Through Consumer Education, NURTURE 5(1) (828 kb)

Prospective philosophical foundations of peace education

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