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Consumer global, citizenship and sustainability education

McGregor Consulting Group

2020 David Selby’s radical approach to sustainability education

Online only at:

2001 Neoliberalism and Health Care (86 kb)

Sustainable Life Path Concept at Journal of Research for Consumers (2014)

Consumer Education and Empowerment (67 kb)

Gobal Perspective in Consumer Studies (62 kb)

Consumer and Human Rights and Responsibilities (67 kb)

Citizenship, global and consumer rights education (43 kb)

Consumer and citizenship education (39 kb)

Socializing consumers in a global marketplace (67 kb)

Globally sensitive economic principles (58 kb)

Consumer Citizenship and Sustainable Development (963 kb)

Globalizing and humanizing consumer education (141 kb)

Consumer-citizen loyalty relationships in the context of corporate social responsibility (190 kb)

Reorienting consumer education using social learning theory (2009) (410 kb)

Education for Sustainable Consumption, 2011 (2911 kb)

Presented at the CSD-19 United Nations conference, New York

Alternative communications about sustainability education (2013) (538 kb)

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