Keynote in Finland celebrating World Home Economics Day 2012 - Home economics and the MDGs

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Home Economics and the Holomovement Principle, invited talk University of Helsinki - 2012

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Education for responsible living in Canada

Presented at the 10th PERL International Conference held at UNESCO

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Invited Talk at the October 2008 OECD Consumer Education Conference, Paris

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Transdisciplinary consumption (2010). International Symposium - Research Across Boundaries

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The role of philosophy(ies) in home economics

Keynote at Rural Environment, Education and Personality Conference

Jelgava, Latvia: Latvia University of Agriculture, Institute of Education and Home Economics.

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Malta 08 (Feb)

Keynote, Speaker at the First National Conference on Family Studies in Malta
Dr. McGregor enjoying a courtesy call with President Edward Fenech Adami at the Presidential Palace, Valetta.

Sue McGregor recently returned from a speaking and consultancy engagement in Malta (February, 2008). She was Keynote Speaker at the First National Conference on Family Studies in Malta.

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Keynote at the Finnish IFHE World Home Economics Day Celebration (2012)
New Intellectual Approaches for Home Economics and the Millennium Development Goals

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Malta 08

Positioning Poverty Within Transdisciplinarity

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Switzerland 08

Plenary Keynote: IFHE Congress, Switzerland, July 2008

Sue just returned from Lucerne, Switzerland where she had the honor to share a Plenary keynote at the Centennial celebration of the International Federation for Home Economics.

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Keynote, Speaker at a home economics conference March 2006 Ankara, Turkey
Sue is pictured with Dr. Tahira Hira (Assistant to the President, Iowa State University), also a keynote speaker.

Sustaining Home Economics in the 21st Century: Root System as Metaphor

Sue McGregor just returned from Ankara, Turkey where she delivered a keynote address at the First International Home Economics Congress for the home economics profession in Turkey.

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Keynote, 2nd Consumer Citizenship Network Conference May, 2005 Bratislava, Slovakia

The Dynamics of Shared Responsibility: Strategies and Initiatives for Transformative, Participatory Consumerism

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Keynote - 1st International Conference on Developing Consumer Citizenship

2002 Hamar, Norway
Consumer Citizenship: A pathway to Sustainable Development?

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