Keynote in Finland celebrating World Home Economics Day 2012 - Home economics and the MDGs

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Home Economics and the Holomovement Principle, invited talk University of Helsinki - 2012

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Education for responsible living in Canada

Presented at the 10th PERL International Conference held at UNESCO

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Invited Talk at the October 2008 OECD Consumer Education Conference, Paris,3343,en_2649_34267_41331203_1_1_1_1,00.html

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University of Luxembourg's International Symposium on Research Across Borders

One of 30 invited international contributors at the University of Luxembourg’s International Symposium on Research Across Borders.


The role of philosophy(ies) in home economics

Keynote at Rural Environment, Education and Personality Conference

Jelgava, Latvia: Latvia University of Agriculture, Institute of Education and Home Economics.

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Malta 08 (Feb)

Keynote, Speaker at the First National Conference on Family Studies in Malta
Dr. McGregor enjoying a courtesy call with President Edward Fenech Adami at the Presidential Palace, Valetta.

Sue McGregor recently returned from a speaking and consultancy engagement in Malta (February, 2008). She was Keynote Speaker at the First National Conference on Family Studies in Malta.

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Keynote at the Finnish IFHE World Home Economics Day Celebration (2012)
New Intellectual Approaches for Home Economics and the Millennium Development Goals

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Malta 08

Positioning Poverty Within Transdisciplinarity

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Switzerland 08

Plenary Keynote: IFHE Congress, Switzerland, July 2008

Sue just returned from Lucerne, Switzerland where she had the honor to share a Plenary keynote at the Centennial celebration of the International Federation for Home Economics.

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Keynote, Speaker at a home economics conference March 2006 Ankara, Turkey
Sue is pictured with Dr. Tahira Hira (Assistant to the President, Iowa State University), also a keynote speaker.

Sustaining Home Economics in the 21st Century: Root System as Metaphor

Sue McGregor just returned from Ankara, Turkey where she delivered a keynote address at the First International Home Economics Congress for the home economics profession in Turkey.

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Keynote, 2nd Consumer Citizenship Network Conference May, 2005 Bratislava, Slovakia

The Dynamics of Shared Responsibility: Strategies and Initiatives for Transformative, Participatory Consumerism

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Keynote - 1st International Conference on Developing Consumer Citizenship

2002 Hamar, Norway
Consumer Citizenship: A pathway to Sustainable Development?

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