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NEW BOOK RELEASED!! 2010 Consumer Moral Leadership, with Sense Publishers

2010 Consumer Moral Leadership, with Sense Publishers (The Netherlands). Focus is on reframing consumption in the 21st century through multiple lenses, including: biomimicry, non-violence, integral peace, transdisciplinarity, integral theory, conscious (mindful) consumption.

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Favourable Review by Russ Volckmann (Editor of Integral Leadership Review, 2010)
"McGregor has differentiated herself from many of the other books we find on leaders by confronting the question of leadership...grounded in morality. What strikes me about this work is twofold: (1) the extraordinary breadth of scholarship represented and (2) the commitment to action. This book may be heavy reading for many citizen/consumers, but it is well worth the time spent."


June 2008 - Interviewed by Carol Sparkes on the topic of The Nature of Transdisciplinary Research and Practice. Available as a streaming Internet video at:

In May 2006, Dr. McGregor released a book titled Transformative Practice: New Pathways to Leadership

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Favorable Reviews:

It has received favorable reviews in Integral Leadership Review and Design Research News (organization/journal for the UK based Design Research Society with membership in 40 countries). It has been featured in the International Leadership Association newsletter, creating global exposure. It is featured as recommended reading at the Network for Transdisciplinarity in Sciences and Humanity, based in Switzerland.

The Design Research News noted, "McGregor offers an additional intellectual framework from which to draw further nourishment for our personal philosophical growth."

The Integral Leadership Review noted, "McGregor has produced a truly transdisciplinary look at the subject of leadership and the practice of her profession... Her reach is broad enough to inspire us to take a fresh look at leadership."

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