Dr. Sue L. T. McGregor is a professional home economist with extensive background in home economics, consumer studies and education as well as policy analysis and development. While she practiced for 30 years as a Professor at a university, she concurrently undertook policy work as the Principal Consultant for MCG. With her recent retirement, her work will continue to focus on consumer-related and home economics-related consultancy with some attention to First Nations communities in concert with Peter McGregor, now an active Principal Consultant with MCG. Dr. McGregor’s years of experience with the general skills of policy analysis, independent research, scholarship and report writing will serve her well in any First Nations-related work.

In more detail, Dr. McGregor has been a home economics and consumer studies educator since 1975, nearly 50 years. After 30 years, she retired from the Faculty of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (2014), receiving the honor of Professor Emerita. She was a member of the home economics/human ecology department for 15 years (until it was closed down). She then assumed the role of Coordinator of the undergraduate, interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict Studies program for eight years. She held the position of Director of Graduate Education in the Faculty of Education for the next three years, and then assumed the positions of inaugural, elected Doctoral Program Coordinator in Educational Studies and the elected Chair of the Inter-University Doctoral Administration Committee (2010-2011, 20 months).

On the academic front, Dr. McGregor has national and international exposure and recognition. She is one of the first 10 people to receive the International Professional Home Economist (IPHE) certification from the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE). She has a keen interest in home economics philosophy and leadership (along with consumer studies, transdisciplinarity, and research paradigms and methodologies). Sue is the recipient of Kappa Omicron Nu’s (KON) Marjorie M. Brown Distinguished Professor Award (for home economics leadership), and is Docent in Home Economics at the University of Helsinki (a lifetime appointment in recognition of her international home economics reputation). In 2015, she became a Rhoda H. Karpatkin International Consumer Fellow, and in 2009 received the TOPACE International Award (Berlin) for distinguished international consumer scholars, especially consumer educators.

Dr. McGregor has over 170 peer-eviewed journal articles and conference papers. She has published five books, her most recent with SAGE, Understanding and Evaluating Research. With Donna Pendergast (Australia) and Kaija Turkki (Finland), she co-edited the 2012 book titled The Next 100 years: Creating Home Economics Futures (released at the IFHE congress). In 2010, she released a book titled Consumer Moral Leadership. She published a book on Transformative Practice (for home economics) in 2006. She is (has been) affiliated with nearly 10 professional home economics journals. She is proud to be a Coordinating Editor of the IFHE International Journal of Home Economics, was Interim Editor of the 109 year-old American Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences (only Canadian to hold this honour), and is guest editing a Special Issue of KON FORUM on home economics philosophy. She is Co-Editor of Integral Leadership Review, and Associate Editor of three journals, including the newly launched Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering and Science (2010).

She has delivered over 30 home economics-related keynotes and invited talks in 14 countries. She has published over 30 book chapters and regularly publishes monographs on home economics at her professional website www.consultmcgregor.com, where you can also find most of her home economics publications.

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