This is the professional website for Dr. Sue L. T. McGregor and the McGregor Consulting Group (MCG), founded in 1991. For many years, Dr. McGregor, a home economist and principal MCG consultant, conducted research and policy analysis in the areas of consumer policy and educational policy and curricula.

2018 SAGE Understanding and Evaluating Research: A Critical Guide

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Dr. McGregor now offers MCG Editing Services whereby she edits author’s manuscripts in preparation for submission for peer review, as well as graduate theses, dissertations and proposals. Work includes:

  • micro-editing (grammar, punctuation, syntax (the way words are arranged in sentence), composition, spelling);
  • macro-editing (formatting, rearranging text and paragraphs if required, reducing word count (affects price), adding transition statements, adding new text if necessary to bring clarity and ensure the argument is strong and coherent) (in consultation); and,
  • research conventions (in consultation), for example:
    • introduction and literature review (plus any theory) (i.e., argument set-up and justification for the study or paper)
    • are methods adequately and succinctly reported
    • does discussion tie back to literature review and/or theory
    • does discussion compass key results and/or findings
    • do conclusions and recommendations stem from the paper
    • check all referencing (in paper and in list) and prepare in your desired format (e.g., APA, Chicago, Vancouver).

Turnaround time is usually a week or less (more for longer documents). Rates are negotiable, but average is fee is $400-500.00 (US dollar) per 4000-word paper, more for theses and dissertations.