MCG has many years of consultancy experience, to date most of it in the areas of consumer policy and educational analysis (conducted by Dr. McGregor, nationally and internationally). The skills honed from this legacy are readily applicable to consultancy work pertaining to First Nations’ issues (as well as ongoing consumer, educational, and home economics-related issues). Both Peter and Sue have a deep respect for the subtle and not so subtle nuances of what is involved in being asked to delve deeply into public policy issues. Regarding Peter’s contributions, for 25 years, he engaged with First Nations’ policy at the federal level in respectful collaboration with First Nations communities. As well as being an analyst, he scrutinized and managed funding proposals and resultant programs dealing with a myriad of First Nations health issues. In fact, Peter received the Governor General’s award for his work with First Nations communities. Dr. McGregor’s extensive (award winning) experience with research, analysis, and report writing will be invaluable for MCG’s continued success.

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MCG First Nations Connections

Peter and Sue McGregor are both members of the Whitefish River Nations (Ojibway) in Birch Island, Ontario, but make their home in Nova Scotia.

Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada


Active, contributing member of newly established Consumer Interest Research Expert Group (CIR EG) Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada.


Office of Consumer Affairs (Industry Canada) - invited contract on establishing a best academic paper award for the consumer interest research network partners in Canada (June), 20 page report


Office of Consumer Affairs (Industry Canada) - invited contract, Defining ‘consumer interest research’ in the context of Canadian policy making. Analysis completed February (lead to 2013 contract above)


Office of Consumer Affairs (Industry Canada) - one of 10 invited Canadian academic consultants to provide commentary on report titled Academic Consumer Affairs Research in Canada: An Overview (prepared 25-page report and participated in 1 hour follow-up conference call) (lead to contract above)


After attending an invitational Office of Consumer Affairs (Industry Canada) forum on mapping a research agenda for the consumer research community in Canada, I was named to a steering committee for Mobilizing Consumer Research. The 2005 Canadian Consumer Trends Report that emanated from the forum is available at

Office of Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Industry Canada


Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) invited contract, Recommendations to improve the content and format of the proposed insolvency counselling curriculum (Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada) (May)


Invitational Industry Canada National Insolvency Forum to develop proposals for changes to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, Halifax. Report released in May 2000.


Under contract on three separate occasions, over ten years, to draft or update the National Insolvency Practitioners Course (and exam), coordinated by CAIRP (Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals) (in affiliation with Industry Canada’s Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy) My ongoing contribution was a 175 page, peer reviewed module, in a five-module course, on Money in Context.


The above initiative started in 1994 with my lead involvement in a National Working Group that reassessed and refined the Counselling Directive attached to the 1992 Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (reporting to Superintendent of Bankruptcy). The Working Group’s efforts led to changes in the Act in 1995, and to the development of the above course to train Canadian insolvency counsellors for people going bankrupt.

Consumer Policy Consultancy


Invitational joint Industry Canada/Canadian Standards Association International Consumers, Electronic Commerce and Standards Workshop on policy initiatives (governments, NGO and industry representatives from five countries). Final report is available at:$FILE/summary.pdf


Working Group developed a Voluntary Code for Finance Company Credit Lenders, intended to be the industry standard. Project coordinated by The LOMBERG Network, Toronto.


In-depth analysis of Proposals for Harmonization of Cost of Credit Disclosure Laws in Canada to the co-chair of the Federal/Provincial Cost of Credit Disclosure Working Group. Final report released in 2002


Federal Government Executive Interchange with Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada (CCAC, now Industry Canada). Involved with several key policy analysis projects and attendant lengthy reports:

  • the servicee conomy
  • consumer literacy
  • Atlantic consumer issues
  • business and government relations
  • a partnership strategy for managing marketplace change
  • the service economy and consumer transactions
  • international consumer policy
  • the consumer mosaic of the 90s

I was a coordinating member of the CCAC Steering Committee that developed the infrastructure and work plan for the inaugural CCAC Consumer Policy Framework Secretariat. Originally identified as the principal researcher for the Secretariat’s Discussion Paper, the work evolved to White Paper status, which I ghost co-wrote: The Marketplace in Transition (Cat. No. RG 23-93/1992E), released May 1992. Secret security clearance

Consumer Advisory Boards


Inaugural member of Advisory Board for the Asian Consumer Protection Research Network (ACPRN), based in Singapore


Advisor to the Consumers in the Society for Consumer Citizenship Project with the Japanese Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) (ongoing)


Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL) (based in Norway, European Union Erasmus funding) builds on CCN below Only Canadian member


Consumer Citizen Network (European Union Erasmus funding ended 2009 and it changed to PERL, see above) Only Canadian member


Canadian Business Ethics Research Network


Canadian Standards Association - currently member of Consumer Network; inaugural member of the CSA Halifax Campus Advisory Panel until its termination due to funding cuts (Charter member 1986-1995)


Canadian Consumers Council (CCC) Public Interest Network (PIN)


Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA)
Nova Scotia CCPA Research Associate, by invitation

Health Canada Policy Analysis


Health Canada, Health Products and Food Branch, Office of Consumer and Public Involvement, Health Canada Survey of International Opinions of Transparency in the Human Health and Food Product Review Process (51 page report). Published in 2003 in International Journal of Consumer Studies.


In-depth analysis of Federal Food Inspection System Organizational Options Discussion Paper to the Director of the Office of Food Inspection Systems.

University Higher Education Program Reviewer


Senate-appointed external curriculum examiner for the Faculty of Human Ecology, University of Putra Malaysia


Invited and appointed external reviewer for Greek universities by the Hellenic Quality Assurance & Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (HQA)


External Reviewer for Transformative Leaning Centre at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto. Program was renewed.


Malta 10-day on site consultancy for the establishment of an Institute for Family Studies at the University of Malta, coordinated by the Cana Movement, the Association of School Councils (AKS) and the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education (audience with the President of Malta and the Archbishop). The Institute was established.


International 6-member team reviewed research programs at University of Helsinki, Finland (Panel 9, Education and Home Economics). Final report at:



Ad hoc consultancy with John van Breda (Doctoral Candidate) regarding the development of a transdisciplinary PhD program at Stellenbosh University, South Africa. Program was launched November 2008 (pp. 69-70)


Invited consultant in University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine Scholars Initiative Task Force, discussing transformative learning and transdisciplinary inquiry

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